Alternative currency and balanced living system. Alternativna valuta i uravnoteženi životni sistem. Moneta alternativa e sistema di vita equilibrato.



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 Crom - Worth Appraisal And Exchange System: System Info

Participation of all members into ownership over this ambitious project is a courageous and modern choice that clearly states our idea about a fair world of trust, friendship and love to which we strive for. There are very few scientific-research laboratories that dare to peer out of old-fashioned rigid frames of conventional education and who are able to correctly translate the language of sustainability when it comes to growth and development, new technologies and new processes, new products and new services, i.e. satisfying needs; and there are few people, organizations and companies that can even afford such laboratory. Laboratory of such type whose role as economic model and business partnership plays Crom Worth Appraisal and Exchange System is a constant research in which results that are not known in advance are very quickly transformed into innovative flexible responses to need and requests, thus reducing the distance between scientific world, industrial production and all other social sectors. Certainly one of the most important results of scientific researches that are conducted in this laboratory is that a cooperative economy represents the best motor of stable and sustainable local and international development - evolution in approach to protection the environment and an optimal combination of high quality and low costs.

A payment system is a common term for mechanisms that are used for the transfer of paper or digital money and funds, and executing payments between financial institutions in a country. Technically speaking, though not limited to, digital or electronic money is a system of debts and credits through which the exchange of value within the system itself or with some other system is performed online or offline.

Alternative currency is a term that refers to any currency used as an alternative to the dominant national or multinational currency system. Alternative currencies can be developed by individuals, corporations or organizations; they can be created by the national, state or local government; or can occur naturally on their own when people start to use certain goods as a currency. When used in conjunction with national or multinational currency, they are called complementary currencies. Most of complementary currencies are also local currencies or money whose use is limited to a particular area.

In traditional economy, some things are worthless since their value either can not be expressed in monetary terms or equivalent monetary counter-value can not be determined for them. Crom – Worth Appraisal And Exchange System, is a place where a value can be expressed in both monetary terms and in real-value terms.

Crom Alternative Currency System - Types Of Memberships

Due to problems with spam - unwanted mail - which may occur with respect to which e-mail services you use, it is advisable to set your e-mail setting before the registration, highlight the e-mail addresses This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and set them as "no spam".

By registering in the Crom Alternative Currency System, one becomes a participant in that system, but not a member of the Crom Alternative Exchange Association. If you also wish to become a member of the association, "Association Membership Request Form" is available here, or inside the system at the main menu on the left, under the section "Personal Documents".

Members of the worth appraisal and exchange system are divided into the following groups:

Non-Verified Members
Virtual Community

All new participants are grouped into "Non-Verified Members" after a successful registration.
Detailed instructions entitled "Become A Verified Member," are available within the system in the main menu on the left side under "Personal / Documents".
The price of the member verification is: "Man" 10 euro, "Organization" and "Virtual Community" 30 euro, "Company" 50 euro.

The initial account balance of each participant is + 10 crom.
Monthly account maintenance fee which includes unlimited use of all the usual functions of a bank account, such as sending, receiving and changing money - is the same for each type of a membership and amounts to 5 croms. It is charged on the first day of each month.

"Non-Verified Members" can not become brokers, they can not get Crom Zero Interest Loans, they are not paid their annual dividend and can not use the services of the Crom Currency Exchange. Their profile can have only one picture and they can post three ads with one picture per ad.

All other membership groups can have 3 profile images. "Man" and "Broker" can publish 100 ads on the Crom Marketplace For Products And Services, "Organization" and "Virtual Community" 300, and "Company" 500 - each with 3 images.

Regardless of the membership type, all participants can use "Crom Transition Cheques". Crom Transition Cheque is a paper medium of exchange which is used, apart from payments made via modern mobile devices such as mobile phones, as an "in-face" means of payment - from one hand into another.

Except "Non Verified Members", "Man" and "Broker" - members of all other groups, in the role of some sort of administrators, can register their own operators. An operator is a sub-member who does not have his own account, but has access to the account of administrator for whom he can, depending on the assigned permissions, perform various operations.
Having operators is, for example, an ideal option for companies or associations. Operators can also be divided into different groups with different permissions, and thus it is also possible to create multiple levels of sub-members each of which can perform only some specific function.

Transactions Between Members

When first time logging in the Crom payment system, on top of the page one can see a visible button used for generating the "transaction password". A transactional password has the same purpose as a credit card PIN, it is essential for performing a payment. It is necessary to note that it is in capital letters with no spaces between them.

- Crom transaction.
A simple type of a transaction through which members send and receive money.

- Crom mobile transaction.
Transactions between members via mobile devices.
The maximum daily amount: 200 crom.

- Invoice
Invoice is the official document you can send to another participant as a demand for payment of delivered goods, products or services. Another member will receive the notification under "New invoice" and has the option to accept or deny the request. If the recipient accepts the invoice, the requested amount of money will be automatically transferred from his to your account. If the recipient refuses to accept your invoice, no payment will be done. Both members will get notification of this. All payments through invoices are immediately visible in the summary of account movements. Invoice is the ideal type of payment for those who do business through delivery of bills.

Transactions Between System And Members

- Incoming money exchange.
Conversion of conventional money into Crom Alternative Currency.

- Outgoing money exchange.
Conversion of Crom Alternative Currency into conventional money.

- Crom interest-free loan.
Used when Crom Interest Free Loan is granted.

- Crom loan repayment.
Used for repayment of the Crom loan.

- Crom special transfer.
Transactions between system and members in case of special needs.

- Crom extraordinary transfer.
Transactions between members and system in case of extraordinary needs.

Sale And Purchase Agreement

In the worth appraisal and exchange system, the settlement between the buyer and seller is their personal matter, concluded in their best interests. A contract that may be easily found in the system main menu under section "Personal / Documents", can be used as a simple official form of the sale and purchase agreement.

Advertising Products And Services

Members of the worth appraisal and exchange system can post and search ads. Ads are classified into different categories like business offers, health, agriculture, tourism and transport. All listings are automatically published on external Crom Marketplace visible to the internauts across the entire globe. Ad duration is adjustable, and there is an option to publish "permanent advertisement." Moreover, apart from a simple search of ads published as an "offer" or "demand", advanced search by price range, category, business sector, country and similar - is also available. In addition to this, you can use the button "latest ads"  - clicking on it will list all the ads sorted by the date of publication, from newest to oldest. Price setting in ads is a matter of a personal preference. Members have a free choice to express price in any form they wish - for example: Copper, crom, rice, euro, exchange, energy, dollar, coffee, barter, silver or a combination of percentages of various means of exchange.

Member Search

Member Search functions in a similar manner as the above described ad search. Each member in his profile chooses his own level of privacy through the selection of data that will be visible to all other members of this payment system.


Alternative currency system has its own messaging system. Messages are classified into different categories. It is possible to exchange them with the Administration and with other participants. Messages can be sent as internal "Crom messages" and/or e-mail.

Notifications And Interests

Preferred types of events about which one wants to be regularly informed can be selected under the "Notification" section. Notifications can be received as an internal "Crom message" and/or e-mail alerts. For example, it is possible to receive notifications about new ads which satisfy predefined parameters or events that are related to changes of your account.

Members References

References are used to judge the quality of the behavior of members of the Crom Alternative Currency System. When searching for members, the profile of each participant has a visible button "reference". Any member can see and/or add a reference to all other participants as a predefined evaluation and personal comment.

Contact List

If you have friends within the social network - worth appraisal and exchange system, people that you often communicate with or do business, you can put them on your contact list. If necessary, you can also add, modify, and delete any of your contacts.




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